Thursday, June 4, 2009


Worked in the morning in the main with more bed changes, then went to Nemour's Gardens in the afternoon on the field trip. I love the Thursday field trips, I find them to be very interesting, I get to see the area (free of charge) and it breaks up the week a little bit.
The Nemour's mansion was beautiful, very elaborate. It was built by Alfred Du Pont (Pierre's brother), and is now a museum. It was rainy, but we toured the gardens and fountains anyway. The gold leafing was everywhere! I thought the French-style gardens were beautiful, but i really disliked the urns with geraniums and an agave in them. We saw old pictures of the place, though, and they are only maintaining the historical look--sure enough, that's what was in the urns years ago.
Attended session 3 of class, it's enjoyable. I'm not studying, but I'm still learning about the plants.

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