Thursday, June 11, 2009

Conservatory "Field Trip"

Helped in the Main in the morning (watering, cleanup, pruning bouganvillia), then lunch. Ran home for my hardhat, because the "field trip" consisted of the tunnels of the conservatory. Safety is a huge emphasis at Longwood. The first part of the experience was learning about the irrigation system basics and plumbing. then we took a walk through the east end with Lorrie to learn about the plants and growing techniques there (structure, lawn, palms, bamboo). The Wood's Cycad (Encephalartos woodii, native to S. Africa) is easily the most unique plant in the gardens! It's really old, and is one of 90 left in the world! All of them are male, too, which proves to be a problem for reproduction. Then we toured the tunnels of the conservatory, where all the controls and plumbing is located. It was very interesting to see the back-stage, so to speak.
Ali and I went to Philly for pho--yum! We lost track of time in the Asian market, and arrived late to class...

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