Monday, June 15, 2009


Another orchid display change, some tidying. I discovered a favorite orchid: Maxillaria, it smells like coconut! I went to work with Kristina and Erica (the intern there) in Curatorial. We had 14 pages (227 labels) of dogtags that needed to be made for the orchids, so Lee volunteer me to make them. Orchid nomenclature is very complicated! There is seemingly endless list of different orchid genus, let alone species! Each accession number had to be checked to match the name, then the file pulled from the database, then I had to edit what the tag ould read to fit only 5 lines, then I could print them and check each one for accuracy. Very long process. Only finished 5 pages.
Grilled under the trees in the evening with many people on the row.

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