Tuesday, June 2, 2009


-Watered fucias and beds, cleaned up
-Helped put in 2 large (25 gal?) pots with palms into the Orangery.
-Worked with an old lady named Mary to put in tons of pink petunias. Karl expects they'll only be there 3 weeks. The rotation of annual plants in the Main Cons. gets just a little bit tiresome. I think I enjoy a little more permanent plantings. But all the old plant material gets composted! It's awesome. The Terrace uses a lot of compostable materials (cups, plasticware, napkins and plates), too.
-Learned about the many ways Longwood propagates cannas (cuttings, seed, divisions, tissue culture). Planted 'Ermine' today.
-I really enjoy watering fucias on the Exhibition Hall floor/fern floor, because people always want to ask you about the water and how much fun it looks. It is fun. :)
-Huge rainstorm today, finished before 3:30, though.
I am very excited for my next day at Longwood! It's very exciting, everyone is so friendly and knowledgable. I'm having a great time!

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