Monday, June 1, 2009

First Day of Work!

I arrived at the potting shed at 7 am, and met Lauren and Karl. I have heard many things about Karl, that he's a plant encyclopedia, and a 'stickler' for nametags and botanical names, so I tried to get off on the right foot. Lauren is very nice. I began in the petunia beds in the Main Conservatory, deadheading and pruning the leggy ones. Then I rearranged and refreshed the terrariums in the music room. I watered the fuschias in the fern floor.
A skill I learned today was how to water huge hanging baskets, like the fuschias. A wand attachment with a tip to shoot the water in a strong stream allows us to aim the water in an arc up to the center of the basket.
I also skimmed the lotus fountain of debris, and picked up after the falling fuschia flowers (constant...).
It was a great day! I recognized and visited with many people, and felt very at home. Tomorrow we're doing some bed changes!

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