Monday, June 8, 2009

more conservatory fun

Hudson and I were assigned to help Ginny (love her) separate clivias in the Pierce-Du Pont house, which was fun! We dug up the whole knotted overgrown mess (not done since 1990!), divided the mass, fetched med-mix from the soil/compost yard, and replaced them by about half. The med-mix was chosen for the clivia because they like a coarse, well-draining soil. This project overflowed into the afternoon, after putting some ivy in to cover the edges.
I helped Andrew in the the fruit house where there are grapes, nectarines (Pierre's and my favorite fruit), figs, citrus, melons, tomatoes, and more. I learned how to prune the grape vines with pole pruners, and tie them, which was hot but fun work.
I strolled through the library after work, it has a lot of really great books! I found a mushroom book of PA (Kennett Square is the mushroom capital of the world! I love fungi.), as well as one on edible plants of the world.
I walked back through the conservatory for fun, I love the fern passage (especially the tassel fern, the lasagna fern, staghorns, and maiden's har fern). I smelled lots of Stanhopea orchids.
I went to the mexican ice cream place in Kennett Square with a friend, and they have amazing sweet corn ice cream with chili powder! yum.

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