Thursday, July 23, 2009

A few notes

-We had a good Tuesday plant walk with Karl Gercens, who taught us about 10 poisonous plants (all in the Apocynacae family). I took lots of notes in my notebook for each of them. :)
-Did you know that the hibiscus and rose bed soils are tested every week (Monday morning) for pH, EC, etc? Soil is sent to a lab in Florida once every six months for a thourough testing of micro/macronutrients, too.
-A lady named Lee visited the water lily pools this week with her mother to paint the flowers, and she wanted to snag a photo of me to incorporate into her acrylic painting! Then she wanted me to write (in cursive) my whole schpeal I gave her on the Victorias on rice paper, because she inlays it into the painting! How cool. I think I want to buy it from her when she's finished, it would be such a great momento from Longwood.
-A photographer was taking photos in the lily pools and Patrick Nutt was there. We were all chatting, and he took my photo with Patrick. :) He got my email address, and is going to sent them to me. I hope I can brag about that photo one day. Haha
-We took a great field trip to Philly today to see the Eagles' and Philly's stadiums. We also took lots of pictures! We were on the fields and everything! Got back-stage (or under-stadium, rather) tours of the facilities, which was pretty neat. Did you know that they paint the logos and stuff on the field with huge stencils??? We learned about the practices they follow to keep the fields safe, green, playable, and beautiful. The two stadiums have a combination of sod, seed, and plugs for their bermuda grass. We went to Pat's (and Gino's) cheesesteaks for lunch, and I think the word is that Pat's won. It was delicous! You have to order it like so: "Eh, gimme uh mushroom pepper cheesesteak WIT [onions]--provolone." And that comes to $9. Then you put red hot sauce on it, and eat a screamin' green or red pepper on the side. Delish.
-Tomorrow is my last day of the full month I will have worked with Tim in the rose house (and lilies). Next week is with Joyce and the bromeliads! Yay!
-I made my third batch of wonderful banana nut bread with the sweet plantains in the banana house. This time I used chocolate shavings, too...

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  1. Did the photographer ever send the photos with Patrick? Sadly he passed away last week and we are collecting all the great info and posting it on (you can email me at
    Thank you,
    Zac deGarmeaux