Monday, July 6, 2009


Last week was the field trip to Chanticleer--which was amazing! While Longwood Gardens is so admirable for the history, spectacular specimins, educational program, and the support of the arts, Chanticleer stands out for its comfey, creative, modern-ish gorgeous gardens. I loved the pairs of cozy, decorative chairs scattered throughout the gardens. The plants aren't labeled or tagged for visitors (but for the maps that can be found nearby); the gardens are designed purely for gazing enjoyment. That is refreshing, just to sit and view the beautiful scenary... And the admission for the general public is quite inexpensive, and free to Longwood students! Every Friday, you're allowed to pick a spot and enjoy your picnic supper in the gardens. What a great idea! I really loved the visit, and will definitely come back.

I also covered for Tim last week, which I really enjoyed. I appreciated the opportunity to prove myself accountable and able to get the job done. The rose/hibiscus house looked wonderful when I left on Friday afternoon for Rehoboth Beach. Of course, it looked so messy this Monday morning...haha

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