Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Day at Longwood

Well, it's been an amazing experience. I've learned so much--about the field of horticulture, gardening, the Northeast, as well as more about myself. I've met countless new people, made many new friends. Longwood is, as I'd heard, absolutely incredible. I remember being in awe and shock when I first arrived, and I still have a bit of residual amazement, 3 months later. I have such gratitude for everyone that contributed to my experience, especially Mr. Pierre du Pont.
Yesterday, my last day at Longwood, was really enjoyable. I worked with Joyce, doing a small bed change in the Tropical Terrace. We took out a large chunk of agalonemas that had a red scale on them, and replaced them with new cultivars. We worked with Paul, too, it looks great! I watered the Palm House next, then had some time before lunch to look in the library (I love the library...). I created a Powerpoint presentation on Aroids for Joyce after lunch, from which I learned a lot more about the Aracae family! I sat in the potting shed to do this, so it was great to be able to say goodbye to everyone there. I will miss it.

I went with Aubree, Paul, Deb, Nate, "Sid," Gavin, Allison, Jamie, and Dean to dinner (after having farewell coffee with Jeff) because Jamie left this morning. It was a good time, another opportunity to savor the last bit with everyone.

I have been packing today, feeling bittersweet about leaving. I want to stay at this wonderful place, but I also miss home in Arizona. I will get to go to Philly one more time tonight with all my awesome fellow interns to have dinner at Ralph's Italian Restaurant. Friday, Joyce will check me out of my room, then Ali and I will go to NYC (I've GOT to make it there before I leave! :) ). I don't know how I will spend my last day, Saturday, but I hope it includes Longwood Gardens and the people in it.

Thank you.

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