Friday, May 29, 2009


Today concluded the 3-day orientation for our 11-person internship class. We are an awesome group of people from a range of backgrounds, homes, and ages. All of us get along very well. Wednesday to Friday (today), we learned a lot of history of Longwood (founded by Mr. Pierre S. du Pont in 1906), as well as the current condition of the gardens (and how we fit into them). Safety galore, security, paperwork, IPM, more safety, poison ivy, and utility vehicle training (manual transmission--I gotcha!). We had some enjoyable meetings and luncheons with lots of staff and employees of Longwood. We also took a field trip Thursday to Morris Arboretum. That was lovely; a bit under-weeded, but that is primarily attributed to the smaller group of employees than Longwood (which is perfect!). I am astounded by the breathtaking fuschias, dogwoods, water lilies, orchids... I also signed up and began the 6-week class, Deciduous Flowering Shrubs. I know I will learn a great deal from that. Oh, and I found out that our small groups was chosen out of 90 applicants! Wow do I feel honored (and humbled). The Row is a nice social student housing community. My roommates Gavin and Dan are usually not home. The walls are very bare and I want to decorate! :)
I'm very tired from orientation. Will write more later.

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